"5 Free And Proven Ways Of Advertising in Year 2002"

by Dmitry Nanev

Everyone knows that FFAs and Classified Ads Sites don't work for a long time now.

For most people only these two methods are a form of free Internet advertising.

And so they spread around the rumor that free advertising is long gone.

Or is it?

Method #1: Bartering

This means giving away something valuable in exchange for advertising you need instead of paying for it.

The best example for this, and the one I'm giving for about a year now, is bartering for ezine advertising. What you do is contacting the owner with your straight proposal, telling them what you have to offer in return and how their readers will benefit from the product you're going to advertise.

Just be sure that what you offer is really valuable to the publisher and it costs more than the cost of his advertising.

Here's an example of the barter offer I send to publishers:

Subject: [Owner's First Name], Barter Proposal

Hi [Owner's First Name],

I know you probably have plenty of work to do so I will go straight to the point.

I want to make you a barter/trade proposal.

What I'd like to barter for is a Solo Mailing in your ezine
- "[Ezine Name]."

I have found your ezine in/at [the place you've found it]

Here is what I'm ready to give you for running a Solo Mailing in your ezine:

[list what you're going to give. Products with Full Resell Rights are great but don't ever offer something you don't have the right to sell yourself!]

I will give you any [tell how much] of the above [ebooks or what ever it is] if you agree to trade.

Plus I think that your readers will benefit very much from what I have to offer them - "[Your Product's Name]" You can find more information about it at: http://www.YourProduct'sURL.com

[By the way - you get this ebook, too.]
-- This will be a good idea...]

Well I hope you haven't lost your time over reading this and please do tell me what you think about this barter/trade proposal.

I will be waiting for a response from you in the nearest future!

Your Name

Your Email Address
Your Web Site URL

[P.S. If you can't run a Solo Mailing I am willing to barter for Top Sponsor or Middle Sponsor positions.]

[P.P.S. If you are not satisfied with what I have to offer, I am always glad to hear what YOU want! Just name it.]

Method #2: Ad Swapping

Although time-consuming, this type of ventures can be really profitable. Always be sure to swap only Top Sponsor, Middle Sponsor and Solo Ads. However if you choose the last - check out if the publisher doesn't send Solo Ads too often and also be sure to send Solo Ads to your list no more than 4 times a month i.e. one time per week.

Personally I have found Middle and in some cases Top Sponsor ads to be the best solution for ad swapping.

Method #3: Article Writing

You probably know what articles are, have read many of them and may be even write. If you haven't started writing - you better do, it's easy. Just come up with a catchy topic, good headline and easy-to-understand information.

Here are some of ways you can use articles to build your business:

  • Publish them in your ezine
  • Submit them to other ezine publishers i.e. other ezines
  • Submit them to your web site
  • Submit them to other web sites
  • Compile free ebooks
  • Compile free reports

You can use articles for almost anything - drive traffic, create credibility and popularity, follow-up with visitors and customers to create more back-end sales, etc.

Submitting your articles to other ezines and/or web sites is a great idea, which you should start using right now. You can find publishers accepting articles by getting an ebook called "Get Published!" which is free to all my subscribers at: http://www.profit-position.com Also consider visiting: http://hop.clickbank.net/?ebizindia/lifestyles

Below is a simple template, which you can use when you submit articles to other ezine publishers:
Subject: [First Name] - New Article For Your Consideration

Hi [First Name],

Here is a new article for your consideration. I'm sure readers of your [Ezine's Name] ezine will find the unique information from "[Article's Name]" extremely useful.

Allow me a quick introduction. My name is[...]

Please feel free to publish the article below along with my Resource box. Also, I'd greatly appreciate a courtesy copy when it goes out.

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your publication.

[Your Name]
[Your Email]
[Your Domain Name]

Article: "[Its Name]"

Article size: xxx words, [60/65 characters per line] (body)

Article Begins Here:


If you don't wish to receive any more articles from me, please send any email to: mailto:[...]

Now - a short list of web sites that give you the opportunity to submit your articles:

  • http://www.zinos.com/cool/zinos/submitarticle.html
  • http://www.ezinearticles.com/
  • http://www.ideamarketers.com/
  • http://www.isyndicate.com/
  • http://www.mediapeak.com
  • http://www.MakingProfit.com/articles/
  • http://www.marketing-seek.com/articles/submit.shtml
  • http://www.mega-success.com/articles/submit.shtml

Method #4: Free Viral eBooks

This method involves just a little advertising on your part. Sending a solo mailing to your or someone else's ezine (using bartering or ad swapping) can spin the wheel and it may stop only after years!

What you do is create a free and highly useful ebook. Then:

  • Put several ads for your product inside it. Then offer the people who download it to replace these ads' URLs with their affiliate Ids so they will make some percentage on every sale. But they must first become your affiliates.
  • Put their ad on the main page.
  • Put their ad everywhere for a payment.

This way people will read your ebook and go to your web site knowing that you really know what you're saying i.e. this will create credibility for you.

And the people who give this ebook will also have their advertising inside it and get visitors or percents of the sales made from the ebook.

Method #5: Free Online Forums and Chats

This one is extremely effective but only if you post questions and even better - answers constantly - at least one post at a forum...every day.

The traffic comes from your small - 3 to 4 lines signatures that should include your name (line 1), your email address (line 2) and your logo/headline and web site address (lines 3,4).

Chats are the same thing as forums, but they are live so you should just talk and give your URL to people who'd like to know it. "Why would they like to know my URL," you ask. Well, think of a reason. For example I tell them that I offer some valuable ebook they need in the current situation at my site. And they visit it!

You can immediately boost your website sales with personalization. Learn about this powerful system here: http://www.ebizindia.biz/salesbooster.php?id=article

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