"5 Reasons Why Your Business Is So Great
And How You Can Make It Even Better"

by Dmitry Nanev

You have the idea business ever!

Yes, that's right, and I'm not crazy (at least for the present).

If you are an Internet entrepreneur i.e. if you sell anything, no matter what, on the Internet then you really have an idea business, which many would dream of.

Continue reading and you will find out why am I so sure (5 reasons for this) and how you can improve your e-business and turn it into the 100% idea small (and not so small :-) business.

  • Reason #1 In most countries you don't have to pay taxes on your Internet income, which makes very lucrative. Even if you have to pay any taxes, because of its virtual nature (i.e. the money, before you cash the check, are just numbers in someone's PC), you can still get round the law, I mean legally!

    So if you are paying anything, find a good lawyer and an accountant and see what you can come up with. I'm sure there will be a law to legally overcome this problem.

  • Reason #2 You don't even have to meet personally your customers. Which makes is much easier to sell (because you can sell to many people at once) and manage your whole business.
  • Reason #3 You have very little physical work. As you may know the Internet is mostly about mental work. That's why it's all about INFORMATION rather than MATTER. The only work you do is communicate through your computer and develop products.

    Here are a couple of ways you can reduce the time on communicating:

    1. Create templates for your most frequently asked questions. Something like a FAQ database.
    2. Create a FAQ database at your site where people can go and search for the answer before contacting you.

    And here are several ideas to reduce your product development time:

    1. Hire someone to create it. Actually what I mean by "create" is "accomplish the idea, which YOU have come up with".
    2. Use already written free information. In most cases the author of this information would give it to you in return for a resource box or something. Yet, if they don't -- you can still use it, just be sure that you tell in your words i.e. you don't copy it.
    3. Always research. Sometimes people work on a project for months if not even years and in the end it doesn't bring them the desired results. So first of all -- research whether there is a market for it and ONLY then should you create it.

      Of course it's better to create something for an existing market rather than searching a market for something you want to create, but in spite of this both methods work if you have a quality and competitive product with a market for it.

    4. Buy resell rights. I have seen many cases where people have a winner product a great niche for it, yet they still don't make money. And in most cases it's because of lack of advertising and the absence of good sales copy.

    The good thing is that you can buy this product and correct the author's mistakes i.e. develop a better sales copy and advertising.

  • Reason #4 You can easily automate most of your work. Actually by having a site where you sell, you probably automate 1/3 of your business, as you don't contact personally your customers. Your web site sells for you 24/7 while leaving you the rest of the job.

    Automate sales processing is a beautiful thing, too. I just love the idea that I have zero work with payments. Everything is taken care of for me and I have paid just 50 bucks for it (interested in this deal, visit: http://www.profit-position.com/clickbank.htm). My affiliates get paid, my customers have their payments proceeded in minutes and I don't do anything, nor do I hire someone.

    The next great thing is that you can automate your follow-up marketing. And as you probably know follow-up marketing is a great moneymaker! When you get a customers you could automatically add him to your follow-up software and send him automatically messages, which would
    significantly increase your sales.

  • Reason #5 And finally, yet most importantly, with the Internet's help you can easily reach huge amounts of people. With a good advertising campaign you could reach 1000s of people in any niche and in just a few hours. You just create an ad and send it. After 72 hours 1000s of people would already have seen it and your expenses are really small compared to other media fees.

As you may see, you have a great business, with huge possibilities for improvement. All you have to do is use your creativity and spend a few hours to realize your ideas.

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