"7 Easy Steps To Killer Headline Writing"

by Dmitry Nanev

In just a few seconds you will discover the exact same steps I'm using to write killer headlines for my ads and my web sites.

  1. Answer these four questions as detailed and accurate as possible:
    • What are the reader's wants and desires?
    • What are the reader's fears and worries?
    • How can what I offer help them?
    • What are the reader's needs?

    ==> TIP: If you can't answer them now -- make a survey (www.zoomerang.com) and ask people these questions.

  2. Now tell how can you satisfy the potential buyer with these answers. In other words make benefits that are oriented towards satisfying the potential buyer's wants and desires, fears and worries, other needs.

    Here's an example for a good needs-oriented benefit: Remember, you're not selling dining room tables; you're selling a joyous haven where families bond and friendships flourish. There's a big distinction between
    the two approaches.

  3. Put some strength in your headline by using these power words that have proved their positive affect at the viewer:

    Proven. Very Effective. No Additional Charge. Dramatically. Increase. Response. Overnight. Profits. Money. Discovery. Save. Easy. New. Love. Health. You. Results. Guaranteed. Safety. Quick. Fast. Hidden. Breakthrough. Powerful. Instant. Immediate. Secret.

  4. Make your headline live and motivating by using action words like: STOP, Click Here, Go Here, Get It, Use It, Send any email, etc.
  5. Here are some types of headlines that are surefire winners and have worked really great for me:
    • The Testimonial Type:
      "I usually like to start my advertising by placing ezine ads. They're low cost and highly profitable!" -- Terry Dean

      "Amazing! Just point and click and you can be on the way to having kick-butt sales letters! A brilliant idea!"
      -- Joe Vitale

    • The How To Type:
      "How To Create Powerful, Money-Making Sales Letters For Your Business in Just 2 ? Minutes…Without Writing!"
    • The News Type:
      "Finally, the First Practical, Step-By-Step, Roadmap for Internet Success No Matter What Product or Service You Sell... 100% Guaranteed!"
    • The Question Type:
      "What is one good sales letter worth to your business?"
    • The Command Type:
      "Grow your business in 2 minutes - flat!"

    ==> TIP: There are some other types of headlines that work really well. That's why I recommend you to get a new ebook called "Killer Mini Sites" which is available free with my ebook "Ezine Ad Profits" at:

  6. Always write several headlines. Then test the most attractive of them. The more headlines you write and the more you test - the better it is. Believe it or not but in the end every of your headlines and tests will bring you money.

    I personally changed about 5 headlines for "Ezine Ad Profits" ebook before I found the winning one. And although it's working great I'm still testing other ones.

  7. Marketing is all about testing that's why in order to survive and even win you must test.

    The more the better. Period.

    Also one side note: what looks attractive and "winning" to you may be not so attractive for your potential buyers and not a "winning" one!

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