"8 Easy Steps To Creating A Money-On-Demand Machine"

By Dmitry Nanev

This month I've made quite a few deals with ezine publishers from all sorts and ranges. Some of them had only a few hundred readers, others a few thousand. 

The common factor in all cases was that these were very successful ventures for both the publishers and me.

Here are the easy steps I took to create my own money-on-demand machine, in only a week.

1. Make Sure They Like Your Product

First of all make sure your potential partner has your product and likes it. So, when you find someone who could be an excellent joint venture partner offer them a free copy of your product, just to evaluate it... with no obligations.

2. Create an Irresistible Offer

Then when they do like it, create an offer so good that  they won't be able to refuse it. This could mean bigger commissions for them, for example 70% (don't ever offer less than 50%). Or you could also give them a few valuable gifts such as an ad in your ezine, a great ebook, etc.

3. Get Ready to Lose BIG

It may not sound good to you, but the real profits in any business come in the long run, not the short one. The customers your JV partner would send you are worth much more than the money you'd make initially.

Even offering 100% of the profits as long as you get the customers is profitable. But you don't have to do this -- after all you're here to discover how to create your own  instant money-on-demand system and not how to profit in the long run. Just keep this in mind and don't get greedy.

4. Create a Special Offer for Your Partners

Let's face it, you want to treat your customers personally and specially so they would like you and buy from you. So does your partner. Create a special offer for their readers, customers, etc.. 

This could be a special discount, an added bonus gift, just about anything of value to your customers. And mention this on the web site. Create a custom web site for each of your partners and tell  somewhere at the top that this is a special offer for John Smith's friends, readers and customers. And that this offer will expire in 72 hours. And keep on your promise i.e. suspend the offer after the deadline.

5. Use ClickBank For Your JV

First of all ClickBank are very easy to use. But more important they offer you the possibility to insert the affiliate's (i.e. your partner's) ID right into the order link. So instead of sending visitors to http://www.yourwebsite.com/affiliates.cgi?affid=1635 they can send them directly to http://www.yourwebsite.com/john .

Another benefit in using this method is that you protect your partner's commissions from being stolen. Here's how your order link would look:  http://www.clickbank.net/sell.cgi?AffiliateID_YourID/linknumber/linktitle

ClickBank cost $49.95 to join but it's worth it if you're serious about creating a steady income for your product, using joint ventures. You can learn more about ClickBank at http://www.clickbank.com

6. Create a Credible Email Offer

Okay, you've created a special offer only for John's readers. But why? Although it's obvious to you, it may not be to everyone.

So come up with some credible reason why. For example, I've used my birthday party which cost me a lot and I needed to get some money (and do it real quick) to cover my expenses. 

So I lowered the price in hope to make more sales and gather the money faster. Now, that's a credible reason and it has worked wonders for me.

7. Personalize Your Web Site

To further increase the profits from your JV with no efforts whatsoever, personalize your web site. 

Your partner probably has his or her readers' name information (most
ezine owners do have it) so all you do is extract it to your web site. This would increase your sales up to 3 times or even more.

Tests show that it's possible to achieve as much as 600% increase in sales just by installing a simple script on your server, which won't take you more than 10 minutes.

I have used my own script and it has greatly benefited both my partners and me. It's called Sales Ratio Booster, and although it's my product -- I do recommend it from a customer's point of view because it was firstly developed for me.

8. Let Them Know You Look Forward to New Ventures with Them

And finally let your partners know that you are willing to do more joint ventures with them and to let you know if they have something interesting. You don't even imagine how much money you'd make once you establish relations with a few folks and constantly create joint ventures with them.

Dmitry Nanev is the creator of the newly discovered Sales Ratio Booster system. Now he's going to reveal you how you can instantly start selling up to 317% more products or services than you did ever before. For more information, visit now: http://www.ebizindia.biz/salesbooster

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