"How To Improve CTR Of Your Google Adwords !"

By Arun Agrawal

As you are aware, Google Adwords is one of the most popular PPC avenues because of several features.

  • Low signup cost (only $5)
  • Instant activation of your account
  • Instant activation of your ad campaign
  • Provision to set daily spending limits

As the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) goes up, your ad position improves and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) goes down. This really puts Google Adwords in a different league.

Here are some simple tips to improve your CTR --

1) Specific matching along with broad matching

Generally when you want to advertise for, say, online dating , you put online dating in the keywords list. I suggest that you all of these in the keywords list -

  • [online dating]
  • "online dating"
  • online dating

This way, when a searcher types just online dating , the click is credited to the 1st keyword. If the searcher types a keyphrase including online dating in that order but as part of a bigger term like free online dating , it is credited to the 2nd keyword. And if both online and dating are present but not together and in that order, like online singles dating , it is credited to the 3rd keyword.

This improves the CTR for certain specific keywords and helps to lower your CPC and also improves your ad position.

2) Use a variable title

Did you know that your clickthrough rate (CTR) goes up when the searcher sees his keywords (that he searched for) in your ad? This is because Google shows these words in bold .

But you don't know what term this searcher has used. So how can you put the term in the title? Try this.

Put this string in the title field on the Adwords screen -

{KeyWord: Default Title} where you replace "Default Title" with a suitable text. Now Google will show the search term as the ad title if the searched term fits within the 25 character limit and your default title if the search term won't fit.

Example - say you use {KeyWord: Online Dating} as the title and dating as the keyword.

If someone searches for dating help , the shown title will be Dating Help . However if one searches for free online dating resources , Google will show Online Dating because the search term won't fit in the title space (25 characters).

Did you notice the capitalization? If you use Keyword , then only the first word would be capitalized. If you use keyword , all the letters will be in small case.

This tip alone can boost your CTR by 157% or more.

3) Variable destination URL

Did you know that Google now allows variable destination URLs? Why do you need that? Variable destination URL can help you identify the terms that the searchers are using and you can alter your page content to suit those terms for a much better conversion.

Let's see the syntax to get the search term in the destination URL --


Here we are sending the searcher to a PHP program (you can use a Perl program also), which then stores the terms in a database for easy analysis. You can plan for yourself how you want to put this information to your advantage.

Frankly this tip does not increase your clickthrough rate directly but once you know what the searches were searching for, when they arrived at your site, you can change your message for a much better response.

Arun Agrawal is an Internet Marketing specialist. He offers Guaranteed Top 10 Ranking Services at http://www.SEOtop10.com

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