"Harness The Power Of Your Headlines
By Personalizing Them"

by Dmitry Nanev

I don't care whether you're good at writing sales copy or not. I don't care what percentage of your visitors does what you want them to do (in most cases -- buy).

But, no matter how good you are, as long as you don't earn millions of dollars just from writing sales copy for others I'm pretty sure you WILL benefit from this brief yet very useful article.

Creating powerful headlines isn't just about using proven words, powerful structures, special colors, numbers, etc. It's also about conveying a message to your prospect. Once you learn how to convey it him or her, only then you should start thinking about the message itself.

To grab your prospect's attention you must let him know that this headline (message) is designed for him. That he is the EXACT person who should read it.

Here's an example just to give you an idea of what I mean.

Purpose you see your name on the front page of your local newspaper, saying something like "Learn What Kind Of Person _____ Is" -- would you read the whole article even if it was 5 pages long?

Of course you would just because the article is all about YOU!

This is just the same thing you should do with your headline.

Personalize it!

Make the prospect BELIEVE that the message he's glancing at is all about HIM, the benefits HE will gather and nothing else but HIM. He is the one that must be VIP not you or your product.

Convey your message from a point of view of "What's It In For The Prospect," "How Would He Benefit." Not "What would it do for him" or "How would this help him".

Here's an example of two headlines. The first is poor -- it does not tell the prospect anything he want to hear, but the second does.

  1. "This product is designed to increase web designers' profits by 700%"
  2. "Web designers -- increase your profits by 700%"

Do you see how the first headline was about YOU and YOUR product (This product)? And the second one was all about your PROSPECT (Web designers) and the benefits HE will gather (increase profits by 700%).

Your prospect doesn't care at all what would you do for him. He only cares what he would get from you! And I will stress once again on the word HE. You must make HIM believe this message is written personally for HIM, telling about HIS problems in HIS particular area. Do you get it? Good, then let's move on.

Now I'm going to show you a few easy methods to personalize your headlines.

  • Method #1 -- "Who is your customer?" It's absolutely required that you know your potential customer as good as you know your best friend. If you don't know his weak points, his age, location, job, income, in
    other words all the vital characteristics you need to know, you should start researching this right away if you want to make money.

    Your headline should let your customer know that you know him. That's the easy explanation. The hard one sounds like "direct your headline to your customer by describing him."

    For example, if you're reading this article then you are probably an Internet entrepreneur who wants to enhance headlines and increase sales. So a good headline would be: "Internet Entrepreneurs: Newly Discovered Tool Enhances Your Headlines And Increases Your Sales By 3100% Instantly!"

  • Method #2 -- "What are his worries, needs, weak points?" This method stresses on the need to let your customer know that you know his EXACT problem.
  • Method #3 -- "YOU is the word you should use!" It's been said many times -- use the word 'YOU' in your headlines and any type of sales copy. This way you talk TO your prospect not just with all of them. Make it personal.
  • Method #4 -- "Insert their names." Sounds unbelievable, ha? Well it's not any more. Several years ago people started personalizing their ezines because they felt the potential and the actual benefit of it -- an increase in responses.

The explanation is easy -- "A person's name is the most important and powerful word you can ever say..." Remember the example with the newspaper headline? It's pretty much the same, here on the Net.

My experience shows that by just inserting your visitor's name inside your web site could increase your sales by up to 3 times or even more!

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