"How to Guarantee Your Products and
Unlock the Hidden Sales!"

By Arun Agrawal

When you market any product or service on the Internet, the visitor does not know you and feels skeptical even if your offer may be very attractive. He is probably wondering "What if this offer does not turn out to be as good as it sounds!" This creates an invisible barrier to his purchase decision.

You can lower this resistance drastically by offering a guarantee . You may guarantee 100% money-back or a FREE replacement or anything else that suits your type of business. Now if you are thinking - "Well, my type of business does not let me provide a guarantee", think again. There has to be some way for you to provide a guarantee.

You see, you need to stand by your product or service anyway. If the customer is not satisfied by it, you have to take some corrective action. If you do not, you will be out of business soon. Why not offer this hidden guarantee in more explicit terms and get mileage out of it?

Let me ask you a question - which of the following will you prefer to buy. A computer for $650 without any guarantee or one for $700 with a one-year guarantee. Got the message?

How long can you guarantee?

Research has shown, the bigger the guarantee period, the lesser is the chance of a return . This technique utilizes a hidden human psychology. If you guarantee your product for 30 days, the customer is in a hurry to claim the refund even if he has not tested it thoroughly. If the same product were guaranteed for say, 1 year, his mind will be set at ease and he will get longer to get accustomed to your product and the chance of a return will go down.

Will you go broke honoring all the all the return requests?

Let us say, 2% of your customers are not satisfied with your product. If you offer a 100% money-back guarantee, you may end up getting double the sale . Even if the rejection ratio remains the same, you can clearly see the extra sales, you are making. 

Go ahead and guarantee your products. Enjoy the extra sales!

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