Shubh Services team Led by Arun Agrawal

Shubh Services, is managed by me, Arun Agrawal. We operate from Calcutta, India and our team has a single focus - getting more business for our clients.

I am a Post Graduate Engineer and a passionate marketer. I try to keep on top of the latest work in getting more visitors to the client sites and getting more of them to take your desired action. The same passion is shared by our team and we spend a fair amount of time studying what works for others and adapting that for our clients.

We are firm believers in the policy that the solution should be the best for the client - not the consultant. This attitude becomes our Unique Selling Proposition.

You can get the complete Internet Marketing Solution from us. We have in-house facilities for each of the following:

Imagine getting your site designed by somebody who gets the domain registered with someone, then gets it hosted with someone else and only designs it himself. Compare this with a complete solution offered by a single company and a single account manager. You can definitely visualize the smooth execution that you will achieve when we handle every function in-house.

We have done very active work on Y2K related problems and I was one of the few consultants who have been covered very much by the local press.

W do not believe in offering canned solutions and take pride in the fact that we can build a customised solution to your exact requirement. Feel free to write to me personally at arun @ ebizindia dot com.

You will get our complete contact information on almost every page. Here it is once again:

Shubh Services
Module 412, 3rd floor
SDF Building, Salt Lake Sector V
Kolkata 700091
Phone: +91-98310-27107
Email: [email protected]

Get to us with your plan and we will guide you on its implementation at the best budget.

I will be happy to put my team at your service!

To your success