"Business Class Web Hosting in Kolkata
Fast Servers & Reliable Email Services"

Dear small business owner,

"What's your web-site address?", did someone ask you this question recently? Did you have to keep mum or fumble for an answer?

In today's world, it has become imperative for businesses to have a website that describes their business activities, provides detailed contact information and facilitates individual email addresses for all key executives. Do you want to host your website with a reliable hosting partner who can give you good service without charging a premium for it?

We offer reliable and affordable, business-class web hosting services that allows you to have a web presence as well as enable you to have individual email IDs that enhance your reputation as a quality business.

Web site related benefits

  • Solid state hosting - 1st company in Kolkata
  • Unlimited Traffic at no extra charge
  • Unlimited hits at no extra charge
  • You can change and upload the site with FTP any number of times (24x7)
  • CGI/PERL support
  • Your own CGI Bin Directory so that you can install your own scripts
  • PHP 5 support for database driven programming
  • MYSQL database on NO extra cost
  • Server side Includes are supported
  • Web based statistics - track your visitors, most popular pages, search terms and many other things. You can download Raw log files also, for offline analysis
  • Strong Firewall - cuts down most attacks on your site

Email related benefits

  • You can set up unlimited number of actual POP3 accounts (with own password)
  • You can set up unlimited number of aliases pointing to any POP3 account (local or otherwise)
  • Server side Anti-virus filters
  • Server side Anti-SPAM filters
  • Authenticated SMTP (Outgoing mail) support - Send mail through our server - forget VSNL problem
  • Manage your site through your own Cpanel - Web Based Control Panel for configuration, user management and mail management
  • Check your mail from anywhere with a Web Based Email Interface

We are serving 100s of companies in India, from large corporates to individuals. You are welcome to join them and enjoy the same level of trust and reliability.